There was a time you couldn't wait for the Holidays...

Do you remember when you counted down the days?

When you were so excited and full of energy you couldn't physically sit still. The wide eyed wonder, the joy, the pure enjoyment. When did it all change? When did you start getting that nervous feeling in your stomach, or that feeling of guilt? It happens to most of us. The thing we used to wait for the most becomes the thing we dread, and feel horrible about dreading.

What if I told you that it's not your fault? But that you can get that excited, joyful feeling back?

That's almost $1,000 by each American adult.

Every year. 

And it just keeps coming. Every year the amount we spend goes up, and up, and up.

But our stress levels don't go down. Our satisfaction and happiness levels don't go up. We just keep spending.

eliminate holiday stress

Suicide, and depression soar during the holiday season.

Many Americans admit feelings of regret, despondency, or emptiness at the end of the holidays. 

Even those of us who are mostly OK with the holidays find ourselves stressed out, worried that we'll miss out, or let someone down.

And that means we let one down, year after year. Ourselves. 

What If You Could

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    Let go of the stress
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    Avoid the regret
  • check
    Drop the guilt
  • check
    Banish the fear
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    And enjoy yourself this holiday season?


(that's me)


I quit the holidays. That's right, I quit them. And I love them again. I'd love to help you do the same!


I want to love the holidays again.


Cart Open only until November 30th!

Won't be available again until Oct 1 2018...

Step by step help to set healthy boundaries. You can protect your energy, time, and sanity so that you can have space and peace to build the holiday you want.

Detailed worksheets to slay your holiday budget nightmares! Never have another nasty surprise bill in January. Banish your holiday spending regret.

Learn how to care for yourself in the midst of holiday busyness. A happy, rested you is a healthy you.

What You'll Get

  • eBook over 100 pages with stories, guides, meditations, and exercises to walk you through planning the best holiday yet.
  • Worksheets for everything from your budget to your relationships.​​
  • Planning lists
  • ◦ ​Self-care calendar crafted just for the holidays
  • Weekly email assignments to keep you organized and moving over four weeks of planning!
  • ◦ A supportive community of people like you
  • Follow up and support throughout the whole holiday season to keep you going.

Just $49.99!

eliminate holiday stress

Tell Your Friends
Take Over the Holidays, Together

Give yourself the gift of peace and joy this holiday season. Give your family the gift of a less stressed, happier you. Pass on your values and beliefs to your children and have the best holiday yet. You are worth it.

(And if you aren't entirely satisfied? Get a not questions asked refund, because I do not want to be the cause of your holiday stress.)

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