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So, how tired are you? How is your soul feeling? Tight and stretched, or nice and comfy? When was the last time you had time just for you?

We hear all the time about how important it is that we take care of our body. What we eat, and how active we are throughout our day. Getting a good night sleep. And those things matter, but we are more than just a body. 

When was the last time your soul had a checkout? Or a workout plan? When was the last time your soul had a spa day? For most of us the answer is somewhere between never and I don't remember.

Now is the chance to change that with a five day, totally free, soul refresh course.

Self-Care For the Soul

Meet Jo

Author & Guide


We live in an age of overwhelming information, but very little depth. Of huge amounts of social contact, but very little connection. Our souls need more than sound bites and digital likes. We need real connection, we need quiet, and we need to go deep.

Make Sacred Space

Set aside a time and a place to care for your soul. In this five day soul refresh you will learn simple, effective ways to keeping your spiritual life healthy and vibrant. Enrich your whole life, and learn skills to care for yourself and others well.

What are you waiting for? Does it sound indulgent or selfish to spend five days on yourself? Then take a moment and think about the person you love the most. Would you gladly send them away for a five day retreat (if you could afford such a thing)? If the answer is yes then think on this. You are someone's beloved, even if it is only the Universe.

You too need love, care, and refreshment. Here's your chance to give yourself that gift. And it costs nothing at all. So what are you waiting for?

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