Create Holiday Peace!
Everything you need for a joyful holiday

Do you love the holidays, but you're not entirely sure where to start planning, shopping, and organizing? Maybe you're ready to add more meaning to your celebrations. Maybe you want a little more peace, and a little less stress so you can enjoy yourself even more?

That's where I can help. I've created a Holiday Peace Planner called the Crazy Whole Holiday Helper.  Whether you already love the holidays, or you dread them this course can help you find peace, love the holidays, and build joy and meaning into your celebrations.

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That's almost $1,000 by each American adult.

Every year. 

And it just keeps coming. Every year the amount we spend goes up, and up, and up.

But our stress levels don't go down. Our satisfaction and happiness levels don't go up. We just keep spending.

eliminate holiday stress

I love the holidays, but they haven't always been peaceful. But I've discovered how to keep the stuff I love, and throw away the stress.

There's nothing better than a celebration with people you love, things you believe in, food you enjoy, and a whole lot of fun.

And that's possible with just a little bit of work ahead of time. No stress, and no guilt needed. Sound like fun? 

What If You Could

  • check
    Let go of the stress
  • check
    Build meaningful traditions
  • Celebrate your way
  • Find peace and contentment
  • check
    Be organized and ahead of the game
  • check
    Avoid the regret
  • check
    Drop the guilt
  • check
    Banish the fear
  • check
    Do the things you love!


(that's me)


I quit the holidays. That's right, I quit them. And I love them again. I'd love to show you how I accomplished that!


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The Free Holiday Helper course is amazing! What a great sequence and so helpful!

Everything You Need

Budget, Schedule, Energy & Relationships: Sorted

80+ page eBook to guide you every step of the way! Detailed information on everything from relationships, to holiday meaning, to budgeting and time management.

Planning sheets for every facet of your holiday celebration!

Every sheet walks you through the process in the least painful way possible. Get focus and direction.

Meditations & Exercises to build peace and joy in your life right now and right through the holiday season.

Uncover your deepest held beliefs and values, and learn how they can guide your holiday planning and celebrations.

Four weeks of step by step guided assignments to get everything planned and make it happen.

I'm with you every step of the way and you'll have an online community to support you and cheer you on.


I want holiday peace!

Only available through November!

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Topics & Exercises

  • Identify your holiday pitfalls & strengths
  • Set priorities & identify your values
  • Discover the deep meaning behind your celebrations
  • Set boundaries around money, time, and energy
  • Prioritize the things that matter most
  • Reduce stress
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Make magic for the folks you love
  • Build joy

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