Welcome Lovelies!

I’m Josephine Robertson, but you can call me Jo (my friends do). I’m the Chief Pie Maker, Poet & Prime Spirituality Geek at Crazy Whole Life. (And pixel pusher, and cat servant, and pretty much everything else.)

What do I do? (Other than make and eat pie?) This:

I help passionate people find their spiritual mojo, identify their values, make choices they can be proud of, and build an authentic and wholehearted life they love.

In other words?

I get to help YOU rock your life. (But in a totally geeky introverted way.)

I’m obsessed with spiritual practices that actually transform your life and shape your soul. And I really believe that by working on your own stuff you can make real changes in your relationships, your career, your family, and your own happiness. I want you to successfully do what matters most to you — and to really enjoy the journey while you’re at it.

I can help you if you:

✓ dream about a life of meaning and beauty

✓ desire to grow your heart, mind, and soul

✓want to make big choices based on your values and goals

✓ are determined to transform your life, and make this world a better place

✓ know that you can make a difference for the people you love

BUT maybe

✓ you’re not quite certain where to start, or exactly where it is you are going

✓ you give some serious side eye whenever someone starts talking about crystals and manifesting shit.

✓ you secretly worry that spending time and money on your interior life is a waste of time and money.

✓ you need support making some hard changes, and helping the people around you understand why you are suddenly so interested in your insides.

✓ despite good intentions, you find yourself falling back into old habits and behaviors when life gets truly crazy.

How I Got Here

I have been immersed in spirituality and religion my whole life, but maybe not the sort of religion you are used to reading about. I grew up an Episcopalian (a geeky and liberal sort of Christian who likes incense and big old churches but also science and Star Trek), hung out with a diverse religious crew, and spent time at monasteries way before it was cool (it’s totally cool now, right?). My spiritual mentors have been Buddhist, Taoist, Jewish, and Pagan and they’ve each had valuable truths to share.

I’m an ordained Episcopal priest in Seattle (land of the totally not business as usual religion). I’m also a yogi, artist, poet, horse/dog/cat mom, and all around lover of anything that glitters (ooooo sparkles!). My husband calls me “barely reverend” and he’s not wrong!

Plus, I’ve worked in the corporate world, spending eight years developing software in the high pressure environment of a small defense contractor. So I totally get that spirituality and personal growth are often not easy to fit into your life.

My experience has taught me one big truth: human beings need to be spiritually healthy and fulfilled to thrive, no matter our background. There’s not just one path out there to such spiritual health, finding your path isn’t always easy. Once you find it? Walking it ain’t easy either!

But you know what else I know?

The hardest things to do in life? They’re also those that are most worth pursuing.

What Crazy Whole Life stands for:

  1. Helping you find the spiritual tools that work for you.
  2. Teaching skills that will help you build a life that reflects your values and betters your world.
  3. Laughing at the absurd, and finding joy in the craziness of life, because otherwise, what’s the point?
  4. Building a community of trust and support to help you reach your goals.
  5. Honoring and nurturing the divine spark within each and every one of us.

This is what matters to me. This is what I believe, and am passionate about with all my soul. This is the encouragement I want to offer you.

If you, too, share my geeky obsession with all things spiritual, my passion for authentic living, my belief that living our lives well can change the whole world…

AND you’re eager to learn how to do all that while still living a real life in the real world, with everything that entails…

Take a breath and settle in, my dear. This is home. 🙂

My Story!

There’s no way to really tell you who I am in a few paragraphs. But I can give you an idea (I hope). I grew up surrounded by the wild fresh water seas that most of the rest of the world insists on calling “Great Lakes.” I can’t tell you if my affinity for the windy place where all the elements meet was born from those wide waters, or if I loved them because it was born in me. But I have always needed big water in my life.

The Camera Thing

I started taking pictures of those waves, of the edge between water and earth at a very young age. I have had a camera in my hand ever since. The play of light through lens to film and then digital sensor became my canvas and my paint. For me, photography, is more than snapping photos, it is a spiritual practice.

Can’t Take the Geek Out Of Me

I was trained first as an engineer, steeped in the hard sciences, and math. But after years in that world I found myself longing for mystery, variety, and people. I was trained second as a theologian and poet; and ordained as an Episcopal priest. The Episcopal church is Christian, in the tradition of the Anglican church. It is often defined by what it is not. It is not evangelical, not literal, not homophobic, not anti-woman. I prefer to define it by what it does well: mystery. Within it I have found a tradition that makes my artist’s heart happy.

My own experience with spirituality and religion has been generous, joyous, and supportive. I know that this has not been so for all. In my life, through Christian practice, through Zen Buddhism, relationships with my Jewish siblings, through encounters with the natural world, yoga, and a host of other moments I have encountered something bigger and grander than I can express or fully understand. Which is good, a wise woman (Evelyn Underhill) once said that any god small enough to be understood is too small to be worth worshipping.

The Big Wild Wonder Of It All

Whether we call her God, or the Universe, or Divinity, or a higher power, or mystery; there is something bigger than us that we can encounter. And somehow, for many of us, that encounter changes our lives. I have found them/her/he/it in many places. Through the lens of my camera, in a shaft of light, on the edge of a storm, in the bread and wine of Christian Eucharist, in deep water, in friendships, silence, and the families we are given and those we chose.

Yup, still geeking

I love making art (bad or not), teaching, cooking, eating (I love eating), a good book, a good dog, to finish a hard ride as sweaty and content as my horse, and a fireplace with a cat, and I love a good shade of lipstick.

My hope is to live life as closely as I can to Joy/Divinity, to live honestly, and intentionally. This is a place for me to share that journey with you, to share my tries and my failures, and hopefully the things I have learned. And together, I hope together we can build something no one ever thought a website could be. (Do you want to get in touch, ask a question, or collaborate on something awesome? Drop me a line and let’s talk!)