Lenten Practices: Beyond the 40 Day Fast

Glass of water on a dark table

What is Lent? Lent is an ancient Christian liturgical season. It is perhaps the oldest religious season on the calendar. (Easter is the oldest Christian feast, it predates Christmas by a couple hundred years.) And it began as a time when those preparing to be baptized (initiated into the community) undertook special rituals, and practices, in …

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Christian Meditation

Single candle burning

Christian Meditation: recently misunderstood Search for “meditation” and “Christian” and you’ll get some good resources and a whole lot of panic pieces about how meditation is a direct pathway for the devil to infect your life. (I wish I was kidding.) Which is sad, because meditation isn’t new to Christianity, it’s been around for most of our …

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Spiritual Transformation: From There to Here

Butterfly emerges from chrysalis

Transformation: answers in all the wrong places Human beings, like most creatures, tend to choose the path of least resistance. It’s instinct. The creature who can get her food with less effort, expends less energy, and is more likely to survive. But there is a great deal of difference between surviving and maturing. Spiritual transformation is about …

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Struggling with Faith: Questioning Religious Teaching

questioning religious teaching

Unpopular opinion: it is impossible to say “Christians believe” without being wrong. You wouldn’t know it from listening to certain politicians or commentators on certain news networks but there is not, in fact, a single clear definition of what Christians believe about anything. (Nope, we can’t even agree on what Jesus said.) Which means that if …

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