Create A Sustainable Spiritual Life

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The course in front of you has been years in the making.

And I am so excited to help you create a sustainable spiritual practice for your wild, wonderful, busy life so that you can go deep, connect with the Divine, and find more peace.

If you are super busy, but also care a lot about your spiritual life whose currently struggling with starting, and maintaining spiritual practices and prayer practices that actually connect you with the Divine, then this self study course is for you (yes, you). 

Just imagine getting step-by-step help building a life of practice and prayer that you can sustain, and that will sustain you. Learn how you can make it happen, without quitting your job and joining a monastery. Simple, repeatable, and sustainable so that your crazy whole life can be a little more whole.

I’ve been where you’ve been I have felt like a spiritual failure when all those wonderful prayers I used to love fell flat, when I couldn’t imagine a way to cram one more thing into my already over scheduled day, and when I felt like my prayers were echoing into a void. But I didn’t stay there, and neither should you.

And that’s exactly why I created this course! 😊

 Wondering what this course will cover and what it’ll do for you?

  • Build a connection to yourself and your values so you can make smart choices
  • Create confidence in your practices and self that will allow you to play and explore
  • The skills you need to learn to turn “failure” into learning and change into opportunity so you never wind up frustrated with your practice again
  • How your spirituality can be embedded in everything you do so you can finally take those guilty items off the “todo” list
  • Weekly coaching calls to answer your questions, provide support, and cheer you on! (Only available during this special launch.)

Basically by the end of this 30 day course (on average, there’s no rush, it is self paced), you’ll: Have a renewed connection to the Divine, a better understanding of yourself, and a new way of practice that can transform your busy life into one filled with meaning and connection.  

Don’t wait until your spiritual practices have completely run out of steam and you are frustrated and (or even guilty or angry with yourself). Or maybe you are already there, on any empty spiritual tank. Well then, let’s do it together!