Friday Photos: Horizons

Sometimes we are so fixated on the things right in front of us that we miss the big picture, the wide open horizons in our lives. And sometimes we are so focused on the horizon, the out there, the next thing; we miss the beauty right in front of us. Take some time today in your journal, or in your meditation or prayer practice to notice where you focus as been recently. Can you see the wide possibilities on the horizon? And can you also see the beautiful things that are right in front of you? In different seasons of your life these two questions will be more or less difficult.

Remember: there are no right or wrong answers. But there is an opportunity to refocus, pay attention, and even to make changes if we do not like what we find.

Friday Photos are weekly prompts intended to invite you into reflection or action. Each week’s theme is reflected in the image(s) provided. Be playful though and use these images for your own meditation, journaling, or other reflection as you see fit. The prompts are simply a guide, a jumping off point if you will. There are no rules.

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