It's All Sacred

The Ultimate Guide to

A life transformed by your spiritual practices

The book you need if you:
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    Struggle to find time for spirituality. Discover how to merge your spirituality with your daily life so you can break the frustrating start/stop cycle of spiritual failure.
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    Start off Well and then "Fall off the wagon." Real concrete strategies for taking back your time and energy from busyness, distraction, and obligation so you have the time for what you value.
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    Want More Out of your spiritual practice. To experience true transformation and growth, go beyond the one church service a week, or occasional yoga practice, to a spirituality that is deeply rooted in your daily life.

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In The Book, You Will Discover:

The Real Meaning of Spirituality

There's a lot of just plain bad information out there about what it means to be spiritual. It has very little to do with waving around burning sage or sitting still for long periods of time. The good news is we are all spiritual! 

The Importance of the Ordinary

Back to all that burning sage (makes me sneeze) and sitting still, those things can be great but most of us don't do those things as part of our ordinary lives. So long as your spirituality is separate from your everyday it will be a struggle. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Find out how even your commute can be a spiritual practice!

A New Way to Mark Time

The way we live our everyday lives is the most important thing there is. An hour a day in yoga or a religious service isn't nearly as life changing as the things you do, day in and day out. Learn how to mark time differently and transform your life an hour at a time. Experience life where every moment is infused with meaning, and even your work (no matter what it is) is an offering to the Divine!

Simple Steps to Growth

Human beings are wired to grow. We are our happiest and most fulfilled when we are growing and learning. But that doesn't mean growth is always easy or comfortable. It is something that can happen right in the midst of your everyday life: no trips to Tibet required.

About the Author: Josephine Robertson

Josephine grew up in a traditional Christian home, but from a young age kept bumping into God in the most unexpected places. Her spiritual mentors and friends have been Jewish rabbis, monks who took vows just to force themselves to pray, Buddhists, naturalists and scientists in awe of the universe.

She is an ordained Episcopal priest, poet, and yogi. Her journey has been long and winding but every step, joyful or bitter, has led to this moment. In It's All Sacred she shares her journey of spiritual discovery and how it can change your life as well.

Finally, a book that tackles the meaning of life, without taking itself too seriously (really)!

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