How Can I Make A Difference: Peaceful Soul Warriors

If you found your way here because you are tired down to your bones of evil and violence and darkness, then welcome, you have come to the right place. You may have found your way here because you are battered and bruised from tragedy, struggle, and suffering. Or, you are on fire with righteous fury at the death and oppression around you. Lady, you stand like Pallas Athena, staring out at the world with defiant eyes, you stir the fire like Brigid for the weary traveler and the one laboring to bring forth new life. In other words, powerful, fed up women: you are one person, you are change, you can make a difference.

Shards of Glass

The world in which you live is hard edged, sharp as shattered glass, dangerous. It is filled with angry old men who are afraid you will take their power away from them. It is overflowing with misers convinced that too much might not be enough, who smash their heel down on the fingers of those clawing their way up out of poverty. It is peopled with islands of isolation, greed, and fear.

Which is why we need you. We need you with the soft grieving heart. This world needs you who bleed in compassion. We need you, who have felt your own heart pierced by the sword and lived to tell the tale. This is why you are here, to make a difference. There once was a story of a young girl, ordinary in every way, who was visited by an messenger.

Her whole life she had been dictated to by those with power over her. And yet, when Power beyond all power entered into her life she asked sharp edged questions, she claimed her authority and her agency. She made a pact, a partnership that would shake the world. The details don’t matter, she was a soul warrior. She saw beneath the surface of things, she knew that one little being could change everything.

Soul Warriors

We were raised on stories of heroes who fight with sword and fist. But what the world needs now is survivors who speak, victims who become movements, and movements that break across the old ways like tsunami. It might all seem like pretty words, but pretty words launched every religion and movement this old world has seen. Pretty words cast spells that ensnared kingdoms and peoples. Pretty words inspired the greatest feats of human dreaming and doing. Let no one underestimate the power of words.

Here is what you must believe: it matters. The rage in your belly at death, hunger, fear, shame; it all matters. When a child dies who did not have to die, it matters. The moment a human being learns what true hunger means, surrounded by excess and waste: matters. Each time the vulnerable are abused and violated: it matters. It matters to all of us.

Or it should.

make a difference

Our Compass

It hardly seems possible that the compass that guides the human journey could be so far skewed. And yet, children who demand change after tragedy are met with ridicule. Women who finally speak out about their abuse are blamed. It seems we have become to enchanted by the way things are, we cannot imagine correcting the course. Perhaps we are so comfortable with the devils we know that evicting them seems impossible.

In the end it does not matter why our compass is off.

The why does not matter, the what next, does.

Make A Difference

You are change, boiling up out of the powerful genes of your ancestors. The world is huge, it’s problems are bigger, and you are bigger still. Your heart holds the sun, your words raise the moon. You do not have to work great magic, just single acts of love.

  • Listen to one child without interrupting.
  • Honor an elder.
  • Speak up.
  • Fix a meal for the weary.
  • Sit with the grieving.
  • Laugh in the face of death.
  • Keep going.


I once sat in a car with someone who, with tears in their eyes said “that’s what I love,” (about an evening with incredible people creating a better world) “it’s being part of something good that’s bigger than me.” We are most human when we build good with other human beings. We humans need to love. We can exist without it, we can exist without pouring our love out into the world, but we’re not fully human when we live that way. When we live as islands we strip ourselves of what makes us most human.

Remember this: love is a verb, it is a choice we make to act in a specific way. Ever small acts of love change the world, and small acts of love joined with others creates transformation. If you’re looking for your purpose it is this: to love.

Love yourself, treat yourself with kindness and respect. Do it especially when you don’t feel you deserve either.

Love the lives that intersect with yours, in your own way, as you can. This isn’t a competition, it’s more important than that.

One day at a time my friends, one small act of love and care, and slowly like an avalanche we change the world.

make a difference

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