Photo Friday: Warts and All

Who’s having a warthog sort of week? There’s something about the African warthog. They’re ugly that’s for sure. But the babies have a weird, ugly sort of cuteness about that that is hard to deny. The older ones though are rough, motley looking critters with big tusks, wiry hair in all the wrong places (and not enough of it) and beady, suspicious little eyes.

Until they move. And then. Well I love them. Their tails go straight up in the air like a old fashioned car radio antenna with the end flopping around every which way. They run all in a line, tails waving like signals and there’s nothing to do watching them take off into the bush but smile. It’s true of many things that are ugly when we’re in the midst of them but have something more perhaps to share in hindsight as they leave us behind, tails waving and pointing the way to? Well who knows what awaits us around the bend.

Friday Photos are weekly prompts intended to invite you into reflection or action. Each week’s theme is reflected in the image(s) provided. Be playful though and use these images for your own meditation, journaling, or other reflection as you see fit. The prompts are simply a guide, a jumping off point if you will. There are no rules.

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