Slay Your Goals Planner (Review)

The Slay Your Goals Planner

I am a planner geek. I love planners. I’ve used a lot of planners. From blank books, to Hobonichi, to bullet journals. Some are totally free form, and that’s good. And some are guided, and that’s good in a whole other way. I got a chance early this month to give the Slay Your Goals journal a try. Full disclosure, Nadalie was kind enough to send me a free digital copy of the planner so I could give it a try as I was looking fora  new business planner. She was up front that the Slay Your Goals planner hadn’t been created with business goals in mind, but I was willing to be a guinea pig.

Living life with intentionality requires some forward planning. Without planning we’re just reacting to stuff, not being intentional about our directions and choices. That said, of course we can’t plan with 100% accuracy. Life happens. But having a direction and a solid plan about how you intend to head that way helps, a lot. Especially when life happens. It’s one of the reasons planners are so important to me and finding good ones is paramount. Our brains all work differently, so having a variety of choices? Awesome. So here’s my review for you good people of the Slay Your Goals 2018 planner.

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The Setup

This planner is chunky. Seriously chunky. The version I’m working from is 81 pages of serious planning. One of the things I really appreciate about Nadalie’s layout is that she groups planning activities into chunks. Since I had the digital product (it is now available in print as well) I was able to print batches as needed. Ready to “Set Your Intention”? Great, print the next five pages and you’re good to go. This means that in many ways this planner is actually a bunch of little hyper focused planners all packed together. You can use what you need, and ignore the rest.

While the sections do build on one another (and there’s a master diagram at the beginning to transfer your planning discoveries to) they can also be used in isolation which is great if you’ve already done some of this work and just want to move on to the areas where you’ve got holes. The sections are as follows:

  1. Set Your Intention
  2. Choose Your #1 Goal
  3. Select 4 “Mini” Goals
  4. Plan Your Year (yay! Only after we’ve set intentions and goals!)
  5. Crush Your To-Dos
  6. Review Your Goals (hey, what do you know, we’re actually reflecting!)
  7. Resource Pages (general pages at the back you can print as many copies of as needed for daily reflection, notes, etc.)

My Experience

My test of the planner started well, and then hit some serious bumps in the road. Nadalie initially wrote her planner with hard core planning junkies in mind (I’m guessing here, but I think I’m right). While I love planning I’d never used many of the techniques she offers in her planner and I found myself floundering unsure of how to move forward. Here’s where buying from someone like Nadalie is different than from a big company.

I sent her an email: help! We emailed back and forth, she was super helpful and utterly sweet about my difficulties and within days y’all she had released an updated version of her planner with extra information, help, and guidance that cleared up all my issues. That is customer service, and it shows how serious Nadalie is about helping her clients get the most out of their planners. It turns out the planner isn’t meant to be used linearly. Instead each section offers a variety of planning tools to chose from for achieving the goal of that section. Does a mind map work for you? Great, here’s one. Maybe you prefer step by step question and answers, or a top down planning process? It’s all there. Pick and chose as you go, use what works, discover a new tool.

And even though it hadn’t been written with business planning in mind I found it works really well for that, once I understood how to use the tools in front of me.

planner, slay your goals planner, new year, resolution

The Good

The good is pretty obvious. Organization, multiple planning options, and super support from the creator make it a great experience no matter what you’re trying to do with this planner. And it folds in well with another planning system like the bullet journal I use daily. I keep the Slay Your Goals planner open on my computer and can work through the planning steps on my paper planner, keeping my digital copy pristine and saving ink (and desktop clutter) as well.

I like how simple and straightforward the layout choices are. Fonts are easy to read, color is used carefully to draw your eye to important bits, and the whole thing feels beautifully structured to give you a sort of planning “ladder.” Unlike most planners that only look forward Nadalie includes intentional review sheets every step of the way. There’s a whole monthly review process that not only keeps you accountable but emphasizes finding positives and wins each month. For a hyper perfectionist who tends to be her own worst critic, that’s awesome.

The Bad

There isn’t really a lot of bad. When I started with this planner it was only available digitally and I thought “hmm, it’s BIG it’d be helpful if I didn’t have to print it myself.” And within a week Nadalie had added a paper option. So that’s handled.

Initially I found the huge number of planning tools in each section overwhelming and confusing… And Nadalie fixed that by adding instructions that made clear I didn’t have to use every page, but pick and chose as worked for me. She also added more instructions to the more obscure planning tools included to make them easier for planner newbies to start using right away. So that’s handled.

I dunno… If you don’t like teal you’ll kind of have an issue with this planner. 😉

But to be clear, nothing will work for everyone. This planner is most specifically meant for people who have trouble identifying their highest priorities and then making them happen. If you’re already super organized, already have life ticking along smoothly, well you probably don’t need it.

The Bottom Line

And here it is, the bottom line. I like this planner. I found it helpful getting clear on where my focus should be this year. If you’d like to give the planner a try it can be found here (both print and digital): Slay Your Goals.

Thank you for the chance to try and share this one Nadalie! I’ll be using it throughout the year to keep myself on track.

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  1. Thank so much Jo for sharing the Slay Your Goals Planner. I so enjoyed reading how you experience it. It really is a chunky one, isn’t it. I love it. I actually have to prevent myself from designing new pages. There are actually a few I have in mind for the Set Your Intention chapter, but I need to tell myself that it’s already pretty comprehensive. Anyhoo, thanks again!

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