Nature Bathing: Soak in Beauty

nature bathing beauty

Nature, beauty, holiness. If you’ve ever spent a long, cold winter night in the wilderness huddled into your sleeping bag for warmth you probably understand why ancient people’s worshiped the sun. Those first, glorious warm rays of light breaking the horizon are like salvation washing over your shivering body, it doesn’t matter that the winter …

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Photo Friday: Dry

photo meditation dry

Are you spiritually dry? How is the spiritual well feeling? Lush and healthy and flowing, or a bit like old bone bleaching in the sun? It can be easy when things are dry, stuck, or slow to feel despair. To feel like a failure for not feeling something. But we need the dry times, we grow most in those dry periods of our lives when things are hard and abrasive. The sun beats down on us, and we sort of dry up and blow away, or at least all the fluff does. And what’s left? Beautiful, perfect puzzle pieces like the bones of the skull fuzed so perfectly together. We are a patchwork, a quilt of the finest design and sometimes we have to see the seams, get way too close to the threads and see where they ravel and catch one another and how the whole thing holds together.

Take a deep breath, the rains will come and the new grass will grow and that beautiful, glorious bone that weathers even the driest patches will carry sinew and muscle and skin again. This is the miracle of our lives, rise and fall, retreat and advance, live and live again.

Friday Photos are weekly prompts intended to invite you into reflection or action. Each week’s theme is reflected in the image(s) provided. Be playful though and use these images for your own meditation, journaling, or other reflection as you see fit. The prompts are simply a guide, a jumping off point if you will. There are no rules.