The World Needs Your Passion

This Is Urgent

There’s a big old hole in the center of our world and it desperately needs to be filled. It’s a yawning deep chasm of neglect and despair and pain. And it desperately needs to be filled with your passion.

But you sit there reading these words with your phone ringing, and your todo list mounting and you think “yeah but I like silly stuff.” And you close the window and you go on with your day and the hole gets bigger and deeper. Can we talk?

The world doesn’t need you to respond to that email right now, or reply to that text. It does’t need you to be more productive, or “work smarter.” It sure doesn’t need you to launch the next “big thing” that’ll make six figures overnight. It really, really doesn’t need you to finish your todo list. But it does need your light. There’s something in your life that makes you sparkle, that makes you come alive. There’s something about which you can’t sit still, and you gush and blab, and blush at your friends because you’ve just spent thirty minutes talking their ear off. And when you apologize, if they’re good friends, they’ll smile and say: no, go on, when you talk about that you light up.

That’s what this tired old world needs from you. And I’m here to tell you I don’t care if the thing that makes you come alive and whizz and sparkle like a summer firework is makeup, or Start Trek, or making the perfect chocolate pie. The world needs you on fire with joy and energy. The world needs you rocking your four inch platform heels and your fishnet stockings if that’s your bag. The world needs you making quilts with bright wild colors to wrap around little bodies. The world needs you to make the best damn chocolate chip cookies that have ever come out of an oven.

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You are Passionate

And I don’t care if it’s small. The smaller the better. Because the small things are the real things. The small things are the things that light up your little corner of the world like a Roman candle, that throw light into all the dark places and find all the people huddling there over their laptops doing triple overtime and root them out.

Honey, the world needs you. Yes you. It needs you rocking your bathing suit in the body Hollywood says isn’t “beach ready” because you know you were born to turn a beach into a party. Honey, the world needs you to sit on the floor in your grubby construction clothes with your big old bushy beard and do your daughter’s makeup because you are amazing with color. Sweetheart you are a sun just waiting to shine and dammit we need you shining.

Find It

What is it? What is it you love but you’ve never thought was important? Because I need you to name it, right now, out loud. I need you to promise me you will become the best damn baton twirler the world has ever seen, or the dog groomer who makes dogs drag their owners to your door. I need you to find your passion. No, that’s not right, that’s too small. The world needs you to find your passion. The weirder the better, the more obscure the better. Because we’ve got a million people who can write decent code, and way too many people who wear all matching outfits and have never stepped outside gender norms. We’re drowning in normal here and it’s killing us. It’s literally killing us.

We need you to say out loud: I am on fire. We need you to fly your freak flag, to rock your purple hair at 70 and teach kids to play the drums, or the organ really, really loud.

I love makeup, and I love prayer. And neither of those things is less important than the other. I’m gonna pour my heart and my soul into the things that bring me joy, and hope some of that joy overflows and gets others caught up in it as well. And slowly, if we’re all finding our passion and living it, really living it, we can spread passion and joy across the world like a disease. That’s the secret, passion is highly contagious, until no one’s afraid to try a little happy dance in public with the pigeons. Until there’s so much joy rolling around that the folks whose hearts have been handed over to darkness find themselves little isolated islands fighting against a rising tide of light.


Live It

I’m not saying it’ll be easy. Oh sweet sister it won’t. Someone will laugh, and someone will make a nasty face, and someone will talk behind your back because in the deepest chamber of their hearts they’re afraid and longing to break free. People who are afraid do horrible things, but we can’t let that stop us or we end up locked up and afraid inside too and the darkness rises and spreads and that’s the opposite of why we were all put here together in the first place.

You are Wonder Woman. You are. There’s a goddess inside you, shining like the moon. She won’t bite, well she will, but she won’t bite you. She’s yours. She’s your wild white mare to ride if your brave enough. Bury your hands her her mane and feel the wind and the wild freedom and know you are spreading it like seeds everywhere you go. Throw that shit around like glitter that will never all wipe off.

Know that the little girl on the beach sees you absolutely owning it in that swimsuit you were brave enough to buy and wear just as you are. She sees you and she gets handed her own sword, you did that. When she sees you making art despite the folks who say it’s a waste of time she start stringing together poems about true things and the world changes a little. She catches fire, and the fire spreads.

What a tribe, all these warrior women (and men, the really brave ones) who have found their passion and won’t let it go, and aren’t ashamed of it. Find each other loves, find one another and throw the biggest party this world has ever seen. Because life is short, and bittersweet and we get one chance to leave a trail of something in our wake. It can be grey, tired, and timid. Or it can be the tail of a comet.

We Need You

And I’m not saying that the future depends on you, but it does. Sweetness it does. It needs your lipstick, and your encyclopedic knowledge of arthropods, and your words, and everything you have.

You are enough. You wild, beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime magical creature. Your brokenness is where the light shines the brightest. And we need you, all of us out here dancing for a new world, we need you to join us. Find it. Live it. Be your passion, and spread it around like glitter for the sake of the world.

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