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I'm Jo. I'm a poet, photographer, pie lover, and cat wrangler, and professional religious geek. I am an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church (2011), and have been writing about theology, spirituality, and the Divine since 2000.

I am passionate about helping regular people who want more out of their lives discover ways to reclaim their traditions from abusive theology, reconnect with the Divine, and build a better world together. Right in the midst of the craziness of ordinary life.

We do this as a community, through articles, discussions, tools like the #Balance4Life planner, and my first book: It's All Sacred. All those questions you've always wanted to ask but didn't really dare? That's what I'm here for.

When I'm not working for you, I lead a quirky Episcopal congregation in the Seattle area (you can visit us!). I am being well trained by my two dogs, one cat, and a herd or horses.

Latest Articles

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Dust: Meditation for Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday begins the Christian season of Lent. During Ash Wednesday services the priest (in the Anglican/Episcopal tradition) will mark[...]

Life is complicated, chaotic, and sometimes difficult. For those seeking a life of connection with the divine, and a slower, more intentional life it can also be lonely. The Crazy Whole Life Facebook group offers a community of support, filled with fellow seekers. Support one another, share your insight and wisdom, and get regular reminders to pause, breathe and be.

Meaningful insights and uplifting encouragement!

Even for those (like me) who may snub organized religion for various reasons, or maybe aren’t sure what they believe, [Jo] is delightfully "non-churchy."  She offers meaningful insights and uplifting encouragement for both the religious and non-religious. I love that she's so down to earth and not judgy or preachy.  She’s the kind of person that could easily draw me into her church just to hear her sermons. 

Anita M.

See the divine in the mundane...

Jo writes about life in a way that is tangible and relatable. She encourages me to see the divine in the mundane, and creates opportunities for mindfulness in the routine. Her writing gives me permission to be present, pause, and process in a culture that glorifies being busy. I recommend Crazy Whole Life to anybody who is looking for a couple of minutes to center themselves in the midst of all of the other things demanding their attention.

Katherine K.